Monday, August 13, 2007

Friday, Saturday,& Sunday

On Friday, we went to Nina’s house and had a BBQ party. I saw Ji Won’s magic for the first time. He was a good magician because no one could see how he did it.

After that, we enjoyed karaoke. Ji Won and Laura were very very good singers, so their collaboration was wonderful!! Also, their Japanese was very good. I sang “Girlfriend” with Sophia and other friends and had fun. Everyone was so excited.

On Saturday, we went to Annapolis. The streets are lined with neat rows of stores and houses. I liked the town very much. I ate crab, which is famous in Maryland. I also enjoyed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Cruise. The bridge was so beautiful.

On Sunday, I visited National Museum of the American Indian. I saw the short videos about how stars were developed. The structure of the museum was so complicated that I had no idea that which areas I hadn’t see yet.

In the afternoon, I went to National Museum of Natural History. There were many things such as diamonds, fossils, and photographs. I was so glad that I could see the diamond which was used in the movie of “Titanic”.

I want to make more memories in three days.


Hiromi said...

Hello, Megu!
I enjoyed reading through your post about the weekend which seemed really fun. ^^ Going to Karaoke in the US was so interesting and exciting, isn't it? I hope I could hear you sing a song! Hehehe..

Nina Liakos said...

I love the American Indian museum. There are 3 big permanent exhibits: Our Lives, Our Universes, and Our Peoples. There is usually one other exhibit; now there is an exhibit on women's clothing. If you saw those things, you saw most of what the museum has to offer, but there are, of course, many things in the halls and corridors, like the beadwork display.

Dennis said...

Hello, Megumi.

Wow! You had a very busy weekend! What a terrific collection of interesting activities!

The cook-out at Nina-sensei's house must have been a lot of fun. I was interested to hear about Ji-won's magic. You were the only person to mention it! I think going to a karaoke place after the cook-out must also have been very enjoyable. I wish I could have heard Ji-won and Laura sing, and it would have been especially nice to hear "Girlfriend" sung by you, Sophia, and other friends!

The trip to Annapolis sounds wonderful. I would like to visit there myself, and I would especially like to take the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Cruise.

I've never visited the National Museum of the American Indian, but I'd like to. I understand your confusion at the structure and organization of the museum. I felt exactly the same way when I visited the National Palace Museum in Taipei a number of years ago.

The trip to the National Museum of Natural History also sounds fascinating. I would also have enjoyed seeing the exhibit of famous gems. Was the diamond from "Titanic" the Hope diamond? I saw it on the National Museum of Natural History's website.

I think you are going to return to Japan with a head full of wonderful memories!

Very, very best wishes--

Dennis in Phoenix

P.S. There's a famous Native American museum here in Phoenix--the Heard Museum. Click HERE to visit its website.