Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I went to a big supermarket yesterday. First of all, I was surprised at the size of shopping carts. I thought they are big because the food is also big. I bought a lot of snacks for my family and friends in Japan. I’m worrying whether my suitcase can hold all of them.
At night, we went to Hard Times Café which is located near the supermarket. I ate some kinds of chicken wings. They taste a little strange, like a spicy umeboshi, but delicious. After dinner, I got a kiss from Sophia. It made me happy. Everyone was excited and this night was a kissing night.
In the hotel, we got together and ate donuts and snacks. I want to do this kind of small party (?) again!!!


Hiromi said...

Hello, Megu!
I enjoyed reading about the visit to the supermarket. ^^ Last year, I also was worried if the things I bought could be packed or not! Hahaha... Also, the description of the chicken you had at the cafe definitely makes me want to try it.

Nina Liakos said...

Yesterday was definitely a special day! I hope you took some pictures at the doughnut party. Can you email them to me?

Laura said...

A spicy umeboshi, huh? That does make it sound pretty interesting~ I'm glad you seemed to like it though!

Dennis said...

Hello, Megumi.

I enjoyed reading about your trip to the Hard Times Café and to the supermarket.

It sounds like you're going to have lots of souvenirs and gifts to take back home! Maybe you'll have to get another suitcase to carry all of the things that you've bought!

At first, I was puzzled by your description of chicken wings as " . . . like a spicy umeboshi." I didn't know what umeboshi were, but I did some research and found this Wikipedia article and even an umeboshi website in English! Interestingly, many Mexican stores have something like umeboshi. They're called saladitos.

Continue to enjoy your stay in Maryland!

Best wishes—

Dennis in Phoenix
(an online colleague of Nina-sensei's and Berta-sensei's)