Friday, August 10, 2007

Wednesday & Thursday

Hi everyone!
On Wednesday, we went to Channel 9 and watched a live news broadcast. I could enter the director’s room and saw how directors change screen which is on line. Also, I learned why announcers can look at only one camera. That is because the part which they speak can be seen in the camera. I was surprised at this system. At night, we went to Japanese restaurant for dinner. I ate yakiudon and oyakodon and California roll. The taste of yakiudon and oyakodon is different from Japanese one. But they were delicious.

On Thursday, we went to IDB. I understood what this organization is doing for the world. I found it difficult to work for this organization because staffs have to be able to speak more than two main languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, and so on. After that, we went to American museum and saw many interesting paintings.
I also learned important expression from Sophia. When I see a man who is good looking, we can say “He is delicious.” or “He is yummy.” I want to use this phrase someday. Haha~(^^)


Hiromi said...
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Hiromi said...

Hello, Megu!
Wooow~, your description of the Japanese dishes you enjoyed really makes me hungry! Also, it's great to be able to see something that we usually can't see at the TV station. ^^

Thanks to your post, I could learn the expression that Sophia taught you! I'd like to use it as soon as I find a guy who is delicious. ^^

Laura said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Japanese food! I was a bit worried because I figured that the taste would probably be quite different from real Japanese food, but as long as you thought it was yummy it's all good. Let's practice using the phrase Sophia taught us! XD